Aguardiente Bocabajo (Orujo)

The beautifully designed cristal bottle containing this delicate beverage is lodged in a practical cardboard gift case that enhances the presentation . The case is excellent for safe stockpiling in the cellar and also for shipment in single bottles.

This delicious aguardiente is a marc spirit distillation of pomace from Albariño Grape made from an ancient receipe handed over from generation to generation

Once the must is produced, the albariño marc is stored in special storage lockers where it undergoes natural fermentation.

After fermentation, distillation takes place in an old copper alembic still. Alembics were first introduced in Spain by the arabs centuries ago.

The first vapours issuing from the distillate are discarded. The so called “hearts” that follow are used to produce the exquisit aguardiente Bocabajo



Type of Grape:

100% Albariño pomace


Tasting Notes:

Colour: Cristaline

Aroma: Good intensity. Floral notes reminiscense of pollen notes. Dry fruit (pistacchio), raisins ; citrus fruit (Orange peel)

Taste: Good structure , silky , persistent Agreable final.

Denomination of Origin: Galicia (Spain)

Grape Variety: 100% Albariño pomace

Alcoholic Content: 45% vol.

Aguardiente Bocabajo

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